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Performance appraisals also typically feed into organizational annual pay and grading reviews, which commonly also coincides with the business planning for the next trading year. Performance appraisals generally review each individual’s performance against objectives and standards for the trading year, agreed at the previous appraisal meeting.

For more question to ask your employer during performance review, refer to this article (pdf): questions to ask manager during performance review A standardized review questionnaire with implemented and evaluated over time helps you keep an eye on employee development at regular intervals.

Things to Do Before and After an Employee Evaluation. When it comes to a performance review, you may feel helpless. The person who will write it wields a lot of power. His or her opinion of what you’ve done over the past year-not necessarily an unbiased account-goes into the report and therefore into your permanent file.

A performance review can create value for employees and employers alike. It has the potential to highlight what is and isn’t working, identifying areas for growth and planning for the future. A.

Company Benefit, Employee Growth. Let’s say one of the company’s goals for the coming year is to add the ability to support clients who use computer system XYZ. To achieve this, the company needs existing employees to become proficient in XYZ, so it establishes this as one of the employees’ performance objectives.

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