Bauman double murder trial: ‘Red staining’ found under carpet in bedroom

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The video shows the robber enter the kitchen and flash a torchlight. He then stares straight at the security camera before ducking under one of the kitchen cabinets. The man then crawls around the.

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Barry L. Jones. The jurors found Jones guilty of all five counts. In addition to the sentence of death for the murder, the trial court sentenced Jones to concurrent sentences totaling 35 years for the first three counts, and a consecutive sentence of life with no parole eligibility for 35 years for the fourth count.

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KITCHENER – Half a litre of imitation blood poured on carpet in an experiment produced a stain underneath similar to one found in the bedroom that glenn bauman shared with his wife, a defence.

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Pieces of human teeth, finger bone were found on property, bauman double-murder trial told Bone fragments found in barrel probably had been smashed, likely with a hammer or rock, anthropologist.

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Bauman double-murder trial: Expert used imitation blood in test. Under the carpet they found a 3-by-5-foot section of plywood floor painted white.. police found "red staining," she said.