Benefits for Veterans That Are Often Overlooked

An often overlooked Veterans Benefit Wednesday, March 14, 2012 According to The National Care Planning Council (NCPC), roughly 1 out of 4 seniors in the U.S. could qualify for the Aid and Attendance benefit under the right conditions.

Yesterday on Bob McCormick’s KFWB show Money 101 we talked about veterans’ benefits that are often overlooked. If you’re a vet or have a vet in your life, you should know about: Aid & Attendance: This benefit helps pay for nursing home, assisted living and home health care for low-income vets. The benefit can be $1,700 a month for the veteran, $2,000 a month for a couple and $1,000 a month for a veteran’s widow.

Aid and Attendance is among the most overlooked benefits offered, As more World War II, Korean War and even Vietnam veterans age to the.

Another claim that can be submitted is secondary disability claims which are often overlooked by veterans not well-versed in the VA disability rules. A secondary disability claim is a condition that was caused or made worse by an already existing service-connected condition.

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Among the underutilized benefits available to veterans: Aid and attendance. Veterans and their survivors can qualify for a monthly pension if they need help with daily activities, are bedridden, live in a nursing home, or even have limited eyesight. Caregiver support

Nationally, at least one in five military veterans who experience trauma are at a heightened risk for depression, suicide or substance abuse but are often overlooked in clinical settings because they don’t fit the criteria for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to a Yale University-led study.

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There are several substantial benefits many veterans and their families are eligible for, but may not be aware of. Vets, Don’t Miss Out on ‘Hidden Benefits’ Toggle navigation Menu

Veterans’ Aid and Attendance benefit often overlooked Stephen Waltar Jul 28, 2013 Most veterans of our country’s armed forces are aware of at least some of the benefits that are available to them during and after their active service.

“Unless you reach out to get them,” Moon says, “You often don't even know. Here are some of the top overlooked benefits of military service:.