Builder ‘will have to pay £23k to buy dream house he thought he already owned’ – The Time Posts

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A Liverpool builder has told the ECHO that he will have to pay over £20,000 to buy the freehold of a house that he thought he owned. Tempted by an attractive sales brochure Ian Rice bought the ‘dream home’ in Borromeo Close on the Aigburth Grange estate.

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 · Builder ‘will have to pay £23k to buy dream house he thought he already owned’ builder ian rice was left stunned when he found out that.

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We just finished building our dream house. Our builder went about 35-40k over his projected cost plus budget and We did about 30k in upgrades . We have no idea why our builder was so far over his own budget. He was I guess about 5-6% over his own budget ( just what he had projected our house would cost to build).anyway , the house is amazing.

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