Can I still use my driver’s license at the airport?

Your driver’s license might not get you through airport security. share. dec 29th 2015 11:25AM.. If you don’t have a passport, you can still use your driver’s license, but you may have to deal.

 · Gov. Wolf and the legislature beat the June 6 deadline. Basically, people will have the choice to obtain a regular driver’s license or get a REAL ID-compliant one. The REAL ID license is likely to be more expensive, but residents would not be able to board flights with the other version; they would need a passport.

Traveling with an expired driver’s license. I was pretty surprised when I discovered at the airport that it was expired! Here is my experience traveling with an expired driver’s license. TL;DR: For domestic air travel you can use a license up to a year after expiration; hotels don’t seem to care if your ID is expired; car rental companies CAN NOT rent to you if your license is expired.

TSA Security Checkpoint at Airport. It's a little-known fact that, at the moment, passengers who show up without an ID may still be able to pass through security.. At the moment, a driver's license will work as identification through May 24, 2019. You Can Renew Your Passport Within 24 Hours With Fedex.

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A woman from Long Island was able to board a LaGuardia-bound flight at an Atlanta airport with a different passenger’s boarding pass last month, proving that all the naked X-ray machines in the world.

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Can I still fly with a Kentucky driver’s license? Your ‘Real ID’ questions answered Kentucky residents worried about flying with their license can rest easy – for now. We explain the Real ID law.

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If your employees only ever travel domestically, they may not have a passport and have been using their drivers license to travel for business. Up until recently, that was not a problem. However, the rules of travel are changing and a standard driver’s license will soon not be enough.

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 · Yes, you can use an expired license, as long it is not expired more than a year. But still, if you can, why not use the passport?