Dead & Company Offers Up Exploratory Performance For Night Two At The Gorge [Videos]

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In celebration of what would have been Jerry Garcia’s 75th birthday, meet up with friends and fellow Dead Heads in cinemas nationwide for the 7th annual grateful dead Meet-Up at the Movies.This.

Dead & Company Offers Up Exploratory Performance For Night Two At The Gorge [Videos] Live for Live Music. On Saturday Night, Dead & Company returned to George, WA for their second show of the weekend at the picturesque Gorge Amphitheatre.

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Dead & Company’s two-show road trip to Citi Field in New York City wrapped with a performance at the baseball stadium in Queens last evening. Grateful Dead members, guitarist Bob Weir and.

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Dead & Company Bring Two-Night Run Full of Grateful Dead Hits @ Gorge Amphitheatre Dead & Company finished up a two night run at the Gorge Amphitheatre up in Washington with a heavy set of hits.

A Perfect Grateful Dead Playlist For Someone Who Never "Got" Them.. But it’s how they offer it up to their audience — playing up the funk, stripping away (most of) the schmaltz and extending it like a masterful DJ who owned the dance floor — that was revolutionary and so damn crowd-pleasing.

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