Donal Ryan: ‘I fear failure, even though it’s necessary to fail over and over again as a writer’

‘The Village of the Damned’: Melancholia On the Outskirts of Dublin. Donal Ryan and crime writer Tana French are often grouped together as part of a new wave of Irish post-recession writers. 7 Like Ryan, French’s work often directly concerns the Celtic Tiger and its aftermath; her first novel, In the Woods, concerns the construction of a motorway during boomtime, and Broken Harbor.

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Donal Ryan: ‘I fear failure, even though it’s necessary to fail over and over again as a writer’ The Tipperary-born bestselling autho explains why he’s still not ready to give up the day.

"Donal Ryan’s promising debut novel (The Spinning Heart) is surpassed by a tale (The Thing About December) that is destined to be pored over by judging panels for book prizes . . . Only 205 pages in length, it’s the kind of meaty read that should be sold with a knife and fork. . . powerful and satisfying."

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No doubt Donal Ryan will go on to win many more. It is important to note, however, that The Spinning Heart was also the favourite book of the majority of the readers’ panels for the Guardian First Book Award – it’s not popular due to its ‘literary’ nature; it is a very enjoyable and moving read. Donal Ryan deserves a place among the.

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Another story holds that the real Lia Fail was hidden away for safekeeping until Ireland is ready for a High King again – if so, it’ll have a long wait.. Donal Ryan’s debut novel, The Spinning Heart, even though I should have known better. Daddy got all flustered and worried then.

Which is daft, really, I know. After all, it is not the actual writing that can fail me – it is the publication, or rather, failure to achieve publication, which spoils it all. Back to that strange need for third party validation, which I’ll never quite get over. In the past, I have aimed at getting a hundred submissions out over 12 months.