Fight for city funds is heating up in Sacramento. Where should Measure U money go?

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Both council members said the city must face the fact that some of the new Measure U money will have to go toward paying city employee wages and fast-escalating costs of retiree pensions.

New Measure U Part Of Sacramento City Budget Talks. begin saving some of the Measure U funds to make the transition easier.. there’s less money going to maintenance." The city is scheduled.

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Measure Y has been placed on the ballot by the Sacramento City Council. Measure Y, if approved, would enact an ordinance that amends the City of Sacramento’s existing business operations tax for certain marijuana-related businesses and establishes a special fund in the city, to be known as the children’s fund. Currently, the City of.

Sacramento city officials face what you’d think would be a happy task in the coming weeks. Thanks to November’s voter-approved Measure U sales tax, they now find themselves with $52 million to parcel out to what they deem worthy causes, projects and city services.But where there is money, there are fights.

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City officials will be keeping an eye on the thermometer. However, it is unlikely temperatures will reach the thresholds required for the City to open cooling centers, said Daniel Bowers, Director of Emergency Management for the City of Sacramento.

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