Instead of locking in future tax cuts, we should increase Newstart and boost social housing | Cassandra Goldie

Here’s a question: How many more people would be insured at any given point in time if COBRA were set up so that it was an "opt out" program instead of an "opt in" You know why GM failed? Because it was managed by a bunch of penny wise pound foolish paper-pushers like you instead of automotive.

Senate Democrats are proposing one trillion dollars in higher taxes over the next ten years including a nearly $600 billion income tax increase, a business tax increase, an increase to the death tax, and a capital gains tax increase. These proposed tax increases would wipe out the benefits of tax reform.

10 times to give her a phone call instead of send her a text: when her text replies are bland, when she’s a slow text responder, when it’s logistically easier, and more. Contents 1. When the First Meet was Tepid 2. When Her Replies are Bland 3. When She’s a Slow Responder 4. When Her Interest is.

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But let’s ignore the drama and instead focus on the numbers. We’re tracking the president’s progress on his agenda and how it is received by the American public and the wider world. And there are interesting – and surprising – comparisons with some of his predecessors.

Case-Shiller: Despite economic growth, home price gains continue to lag Gold prices fell this week (-0.6% to USD1,281 per troy ounce) on strong macro data (US Q3 GDP, core PCE and S&P Case-Shiller 20-City Composite home price nsa index) and as ongoing US tax reform developments raised the prospect of higher US interest rates, weighing on the non-yield-generating asset. However, elevated US political uncertainty on Friday provided support to the market.

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To that, I offer an alternative suggestion: Instead of changing your passwords according to an arbitrary schedule, you should upgrade your passwords. If you’re a perfect password creator, you probably don’t need this step.