It Started With a Lie: Bruce Ohr’s Linchpin Role in Russiagate

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It Started With a Lie: Bruce Ohr’s Linchpin Role in Collusion Narrative Discussion in ‘Politics’ started by The Purge, Jun 13. Bruce Ohr hides known corrupting contacts on his ethics disclosure forms for his position as a Deputy Director of the FBI in an attempt to fraudulently spy on an.

It Started With a Lie: Bruce Ohr’s Linchpin Role in russiagate. real clear Investigations, by Eric Felten Original Article. Posted By: Toledo, 6/12/2019 11:05:36 AM Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr was perfectly positioned to advance the Russia collusion narrative.

President Trump attacked Bruce Ohr, a Justice Department official, before. showing that Mr. Ohr or his wife played a role in starting the F.B.I.'s.

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Bruce Ohr, the DOJ official Trump is attacking on Twitter, explained. Before Trump started tweeting, Ohr, a former associate deputy attorney.

BREAKING: Main Justice Dept sources say #Spygate prosecutor John Durham is also targeting the CIA and its role in the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, and that John Brennan’s machinations during the 2016 campaign will come into sharper focus

Eric Felton at RCP, in It Started With a Lie: Bruce Ohr’s Linchpin Role in Russiagate documents how Bruce Ohr failed to disclose his wife’s involvement with the dossier to the DOJ, while feeding it to the FBI: With one phone call, Ohr arranged to take an assortment of unverified accusations – some of them lurid, all of them partisan-financed – directly to the deputy director of the FBI.