Loyalty costs customers £4bn a year, says Citizens Advice

Bad customer service and faulty products cost households 250 each every year – not to mention hours on the phone. Consumers getting in touch with Citizens Advice suffer a financial loss of .

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Citizens Advice has lodged what’s called a Super Complaint with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) which is obliged to look into this loyalty penalty business. Only serious bodies lodge Super Complaints, organisations such as Energywatch and CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale.

Citizens Advice said it had issued a "super complaint" to the Competition and Markets Authority over a "loyalty penalty" that amounts to almost 900 a year per customer across five.

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Citizens Advice says UK consumers being ripped off to tune of 4bn a year How businesses abuse customer loyalty to charge more | The Week UK Skip to main content area

Citizens Advice made the move after finding that customers are being penalised 4.1bn a year for remaining with the same providers. Charity lodges super complaint over 4bn consumer ‘loyalty.

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Read Loyal customers are overcharged by 4 billion, competition watchdog says latest on ITV News.. how certain markets operate after finding consumers are wasting 4 billion a year because of.

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The loyalty penalty is, on average, 877 per year – equal to 3% of the average household’s total annual expenditure. Citizens Advice chief executive gillian guy said: "It beggars belief that companies in regulated markets can get away with routinely punishing their customers simply for being loyal.

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