Move to cut is a sudden and significant shift from the RBA

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To cut a long story short, without a sizeable fall in the unemployment rate, the RBA now does not believe that inflation can move back to target and that one of the things they can do to make up for this shortfall, is to cut rates. There has been no labour market data since then, and there will be none before the meeting on 4 June.

It warned that Australia’s housing market downturn is a "significant area of uncertainty". A sustained lift in unemployment or no progress in returning inflation to its target are two triggers that could see the RBA cut rates again. Financial markets think that’s likely. A 25 basis point rate cut is now fully priced by the end of this year.

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Oil-Driven Drop in Inflation Readings Fuels Interest rate cut bets australian Dollar May Bounce if RBA Opts Against Dovish Posture Help. outlook looked like the leading culprit behind the move:.

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