Personal Finance Classes Should Absolutely Be Required for Students

Annamaria Lusardi, the Denit Trust chair of economics and accountancy at the George Washington University School of Business, argues that American colleges should require students to take courses in personal finance. Young people are not handling key financial decisions such as student loans correctly, she says.

Kudos to WSJ for asking the question and getting opposing viewpoints on the answer to the question. I am having trouble containing myself so I thought I better get my thoughts down on paper before I explode. First, the newspaper is asking the wrong question. The right question is "Should High School Students Be Required to Take A Personal Finance Course?” College is too late.

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Personal Finance Classes That Should Be Required in High School Financial Independence September 28, 2017 The world of personal finance can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.

On a recent visit to Auburn University, I spoke with a student who had drawn up a personal budget as part of a personal finance course. The exercise had prompted her to call her parents and apologize.

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Student Refinance student. Why Personal Finance Classes Should Be Taught in college. advisor voices. april 25, 2016. Personal Finance. At NerdWallet, we strive to help you make financial.

Benefits Of Teaching high school personal finance. In order to have a country that has citizens who are mindful of their economic development, it is important that students are taught to become more involved in high school personal finance.They should be guided to make the informed choices with regards to their personal finances.

For example, freshman classes on personal finance are a required course for students at a Wisconsin high school. A nine-week class meets for 90 minute windows every weekday, and students earn a 1.

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Get Your Custom Essay on Why we should take personal finance in high school Just from $13,9/Page Get Essay So I think that making personal finance a requirement for graduation would be a wonderful idea that students will use in their everyday life.

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