Republicans Spend More Than $4 Million At Trump Properties

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Federal agencies spend more than $4.4 million for each trip President Trump takes to his Florida golf resort, according to a new government audit Tuesday that looked at trips in early 2017. About $60,000 was paid directly to Mar-a-Lago, Mr. Trump’s resort, to rent space for secret service operations and to lodge defense department employees during four early Florida trips, the Government.

President Donald Trump’s $4.7 trillion budget blueprint is distributed Monday on Capitol Hill.. Trump proposes to spend more, cut benefits. trump and other Republicans have said the.

President Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers have spent more than $1 million at Trump-branded properties for political and fundraising events during Trump’s first year in office, according to.

Trump’s 2020 campaign has spent over $39 million on the effort to help raise. combined to receive more than $635,000 in.

 · Nationally, oil and gas interests have spent more than $18 million on campaigns and Super PACs, with 96 percent – more than $17 million – going to Republicans. Less than $700,000 went to Trump.

 · He promised growth of more than 4 percent. His voters didn’t realize that such fast growth is unsustainable and dangerous.. Whose Spent More on War? Bush, Obama, or Trump? democratic economic views and How They Work in the Real World. Why Military Spending Is More Than You Think It Is.. Also from The Balance Team . The Balance Small Business.

Reid Wilson of The Hill – Republican candidates and campaign committees have spent more than $4 million at hotel, golf and vineyard properties that bear President Trump’s name since he was inaugurated in 2017. Continue Reading –

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Republicans spend more than $4 million at Trump properties senior white house officials says "the president’s insane" while national security official says some staff suspects Trump compromised by Russia, per new book

Republican-affiliated campaigns, committees and outside groups have spent more than $3 million at various Trump properties since just after the 2016 election through last month, with roughly.

 · House Democrats attack Trump budget for spending too little. AND spending too much. And we also need to ask questions like whether or not the Pentagon ought to have an extra $4.6 million to spend on lobster and snow crab when it. Until there’s a bipartisan consensus that we shouldn’t try to spend more taxpayer money than we bring.