Supreme Court rules Graham Mills will not have to give ex-wife more money

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Graham Mills is on a mission. Spurred on by the bitter experience of his own divorce battle, the 50 year-old surveyor has become a one-man army – determined to go all the way to the Supreme Court.

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Cleveland, a state supreme court case that in turn examined three Federal Court of Appeals cases concerning the Sixth Amendment im-plications of discharging holdout jurors. Though Cleveland refused to follow those cases, the views of the federal courts of appeals do not bind a State Supreme Court when it decides a federal constitutional question.

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Court rules against increased divorce payments to ex-wife. The UK’s Supreme Court ruled that a businessman should not have to increase the amount of money he pays to his former wife, 16 years after their divorce, after she managed her finances poorly. Graham Mills, chairman of surveying company technics group,

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Supreme Court: Money is free speech, provided you have money to start with.. Not everyone can afford to give money to a political candidate.. Money is free speech, provided you have money to.

A businessman has successfully overturned the decision of judges to increase his ex-wife’s alimony payments despite their marriage ending 16 years ago. Graham Mills appealed a High Court ruling.