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How things are going to end in is up in the air. It’s a volatile situation in a volatile era that could do anything to volatile global financial markets. That’s why you want to have cash. Property.

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Real estate is no way cheap and in order for the bank to loan you money, there are 3 things they’re going to ask of you. Let’s talk about buying real estate with no money and what your other.

Only two things are certain in life: death and taxes. There are ways to avoid paying the hefty capital gains tax when selling your home, though.

I wish I hadn’t used up all my cash to buy the house. s a distressed property doesn’t mean it’s a good deal; foreclosures aren’t a guaranteed bargain. If you looking to get a steal (and you want it.

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It will depend on many things and can be used as a negotiation tactic if there are multiple offers. For example, shortening your option period as a buyer will make. Think about how “liquid” you.

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Hello Bigger Pockets Community, My name is Rick and I am a newbie to wholesaling real estate and have a question. I am trying to build my "Cash Buyers list", but what questions do I ask when prospective buyers call? I want to make sure I am building a quality list with real buyers and not just "tire kickers".

If you. on buying rentals that will generate a positive cash flow and always maintain adequate reserves. 3. To self-manage or to outsource: This is always a fun discussion in my office. Some of us.

Because of this, sometimes these buyers can do things that frustrate real estate agents. fortunately, most of these can be avoided, as long as you know about them beforehand and you understand at least a little of how the buying process works. For this reason, I have compiled the things buyers do that real estate agents hate.

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