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Top 30 companies from Malaysia’s KLCI Aggregated in Malaysia’s FBM KLCI index – the main stock index of Malaysia -, the 30 largest public listed companies individually and collectively influence heavily the economy of Malaysia, Southeast Asia and the world.

Director, Australian Centre for Business Growth. StartupAUS has played a crucial role identifying what’s needed to create more startups in Australia. It has charted the path, made recommendations, and is a respected advocate for policies that will create the best environment for startup and growth companies in Australia.

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Top 30 best funded US startups 2019 The largest and most sophisticated economy in the world, the US is a paradise for startups and tech companies, with the world-leading support ecosystem and massive venture capital ready to back promising businesses.

Top 30 best-funded Australian startups 2019 – Disfold With a technologically advanced economy and a unique position in Asia-Pacific, Australia is the. See more See less

Top 30 best funded canadian startups 2019 With a diversified and technologically advanced economy, it is no surprise that Canada is home to many startups and tech companies. Thanks to a mature startup ecosystem, Canada has helped a number of its local startups to expand nationally and launch their development across the world.

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This list of companies and startups in Australia provides data on their funding history, investment activities, and acquisition trends. Insights about top trending companies, startups, investments and M&A activities, notable investors of these companies,

Spreadsheet: Top public listed companies of Anglo-Saxon countries, United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Australia 6.90 USD Browse, filter, and use data easily on the top companies in Anglo-Saxon countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada & Australia Description This ultimate excel spreadsheet includes lists of the top public listed companies of Anglo-Saxon countries and related.

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Here are the latest findings from Tech in Asia’s country-by-country top-funded startups series on South Korea. The infographic below uncovers south korea’s 15 top-funded startups up to date. is A Education WebSite/FB Page Which Is very Helpful To the Started in the Year 2015. It’s Exclusive One Different From Other Sites

In April, for example, Australian security startup Bugcrowd raised a $15 million (A$20 million) Series B funding round that followed a Series A that raised $6 million (A$8 million) in 2015.