Tracking the Toronto home price impact of the Fair Housing Plan in one chart

Miami has a cost of living problem. Now, voters will decide on $100M for housing aid Combined with additional funding programs, Dade has a total of $154.1 million it has earmarked for affordable housing, according to a May 6 memo, resulting in a pipeline of nearly 6,000 affordable.

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"The housing market in the GTA has been impacted by a number of policy changes at the provincial and federal levels. Similar to the track followed in the Greater Vancouver Area, it appears that the psychological impact of the fair housing plan, including the tax on foreign buyers, is starting to unwind," said Jason Mercer, TREB’s Director of Market Analysis.

Will Ontario’s plan to cool housing work or do more harm? Both say economists Concerns about rent control, but thumbs up to the foreign buyer tax.

On April 20, 2017 The government of Ontario passed the Fair Housing Plan which sets out the following major protections for tenants: 1. expanding rent control to all private rental units in Ontario, including those built after 1991. This creates one system of rent control in Ontario and brings 100,000’s of units under rent control.

Affordable markets tended to fare better in the wake of the Fair Housing Plan’s introduction. None of the nine markets to see growth had an average price crack the $600,000 market as of last month. In fact, Barrie was the most expensive market, but its average price was only $563,527, having risen 7 percent in two years

In a recent report, TD Economics highlighted that the Greater Toronto Area (gta) housing market has become too hot for comfort and that speculation was increasingly driving unsustainable home price gains. The provincial government stepped in with a sixteen-measure Fair Housing Plan in April to help

Did Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan Slow Down the Market? | Toronto Real Estate 2017 Report. the Fair Housing Plan.. Ontario Housing Plan and how it affects Toronto real estate check our blog.

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The fair housing plan is a great example of why the Government should not meddle in the market – the primary goal of the fair housing plan was to slow the rental rate inflation in Toronto by slapping rental controls on Landlords. The result was the exact opposite of the intention – median condo rental rates in Toronto increased 25% in two years.