Trump’s first budget plan would hit Washington state hard, top Democrats say

Pollack answered a range of questions on MBTA infrastructure, long-term budget plans. Donald Trump is going to court to prevent House Democrats from getting his long-hidden tax returns from the.

WASHINGTON. Donald Trump summoned his top immigration advisers to demand action. Responding to his mounting concern, including his extreme threats to entirely close the U.S.-Mexico border, they.

President Donald Trump’s first budget – a $1.15 trillion plan that aims to "make America great again" – would hit Washington state hard, causing deep cuts in most domestic programs, the.

In fiscal 2017, the government plans to spend. Many of Donald Trump’s supporters evinced an interest in "burning it down," in razing Washington figuratively as the British did during the War of.

A bill before the Washington state Senate would redefine "vapor products" like e-cigarettes as "tobacco substitutes" and "tobacco products," subjecting them to a 95 percent state tax. Supporters of the bill have suggested this will generate more than $40 million annually for the state.

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Michael Holmes and Lynda Kinkade discuss Donald Trump’s budget plans with CNN political analyst Josh Rogin, and how it could mean steep cuts for government departments and foreign aid.

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 · To pay for it, California would have to adopt some of Trump’s 2017 tax overhaul that was despised by Democrats, especially in California, because it capped the amount of state and local tax deductions in a move they say disproportionately hit high-income, high-taxed states. state lawmakers last week sent a $214.8 billion operating budget to Newsom’s desk that included the expansion of the.

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Federal spending cuts planned for March 1 could hit Washington state hard, costing 41,700 jobs and removing $3.4 billion from its economy, according to state estimates.

2 days ago · The Congressional Budget Office projects that Social Security spending will rise from 4.9% of GDP in 2014 to 5.6% in 2024, and federal healthcare spending,

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Today at 7am, Trump released his first federal budget blueprint revealing the President’s plan to dramatically reduce the size of the government. As previewed last night, the document calls for deep cuts at departments and agencies that would eliminate entire programs and slash the size of the federal workforce.