Understanding The First American Financial Data Leak: How Did It Happen And What Does It Mean?

I mean you don’t want to hold your local dog boarding company liable for the same kinds of damages as a financial records company if they leak your dog’s name weight breed and dietary restrictions.. and then is found to intentionally or negligently leak personal data, it did not happen.

Understanding The First American Financial Data Leak: How Did It Happen And What Does It Mean? Memorial Day weekend got off to a rough start for millions of Americans when security researcher brian krebs reported the discovery of more than 885 million sensitive documents exposed online by insurance giant First American Financial .

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The first question. to personal financial data, such as salaries. These attributes mean that we can answer the How much.

Title fraud can happen to ANYONE. If you are a homeowner you are at risk!. Understanding The First American Financial Data Leak: How Did It Happen?. A recent data leaked exposed 24 million to title fraud. This means that hackers and scammers can use your personal information and take.

The website of First American exposed millions of customer documents that contained banking data and Social Security numbers. First American Corporation, one of the largest real estate and mortgage insurance companies in the US, exposed millions of sensitive documents on their official website firstam.com.

Without question, it’s a troubling occurrence and does not inspire confidence in First American’s capabilities to protect customer data. What makes it challenging to fully understand how widespread the effect of this leak is the fact that this information simply sat exposed online.

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Forbes: Understanding The First American Financial Data Leak: How Did It Happen And What Does It Mean?

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Understanding The First American Financial Data Leak: How Did It Happen And What Does It Mean? Posted date: 2019-05-26 2:00 PM This article from Forbes highlights what happened in the First American Financial data leak and includes insights from Dave Farrow, Senior Director of Information Security at Barracuda.