Stop Lying To Me About Trump’s Tariffs

The bottom line, I have no problem with Trump using tariffs to encourage countries to level the playing field or to stop getting free-rides at our expense – so be it. In geo-politics, you have.

One thing about the tariffs, if I can go back to the tariffs, I actually have a different take on these tariffs. And again, it’s based on my understanding of Trump. And I’ll say it again.

All False statements involving Donald Trump. No U.S. plants closed and moved to Mexico.. Tariffs are "paid for mostly by China, by the way, not by us.". lying. Donald Trump

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Confused? Me too. And the amounts involved are trivial. chicken feed. president Trump just hiked tariffs from 10% to 25% on about $200 billion in Chinese imports. In other words, he just raised.

“It’s a shame that CNN’s ratings are down 41%,” Trump wrote. “What’s worse is there’s a simple solution that they refuse to accept. Stop Lying to try to make @realDonaldTrump. "Not surprised @AC360.

Everyone from PolitiFact to The New York Times to virtually all the Sunday morning national talk shows piled on, calling Trump a liar. But the media can’t stop lying about what the president says.

President Donald Trump addresses the National Electrical Contractors Association Convention at the Pennsylvania Convention.

Even as Trump was savoring respect for the "office of the presidency," his words and behavior on a two-stop. to me the entire time," she said. "The senator was there. We talked about these issues..

The Trump tariffs are a series of United States tariffs imposed during the presidency of Donald Trump as part of his "America First" economic policy to reduce the United States trade deficit by shifting american trade policy from multilateral free trade agreements to bilateral trade deals. In January 2018, Trump imposed tariffs on solar panels and washing machines of 30 to 50 percent.

Are you kidding me? I’m used to partisan, inaccurate drivel from all sides these days, but the media’s coverage of President Trump’s tariffs and the so-called "trade war" takes some kind of cake. There’s no serious doubt that some in the media would absolutely love to tank the stock market.